Unearth the Magic of Pinewood, FL

The Enchanting Community of Pinewood, Florida

Pinewood, FL

Pinewood, Florida, is a city with a rich historical background and a diverse cultural landscape. This comprehensive guide delves into the city’s past, its geographical nuances, significant places, influential people, and demographic details.

Pinewood’s history is a fascinating blend of indigenous heritage and modern development. Initially inhabited by Native American tribes, the area saw significant changes with the arrival of European settlers. Officially recognized as a community in the 20th century, Pinewood has evolved from a rural area to a suburban neighborhood, reflecting the dynamic growth of Miami-Dade County.

Located in the northern part of Miami-Dade County, Pinewood is characterized by its suburban setting, offering a mix of residential and commercial areas. The community is known for its lush greenery and proximity to larger urban centers, providing a balance of tranquility and accessibility.

Pinewood is home to several key landmarks and places of interest:

  • Pinewood Park: A central recreational area offering sports facilities and community events.
  • Historic Sites: The community boasts several sites that reflect its rich history and cultural heritage.
  • Local Schools: Pinewood’s educational institutions are integral to the community, emphasizing the importance of education and development.

Influential Personalities of Pinewood

Name Contribution Recognition
John E. Smith Community Leader Initiatives in Neighborhood Development
Dr. Laura Gonzalez Healthcare Advocate Contributions to Public Health
Maria Rodriguez Education Reformer Enhancements in Local School Programs

The latest census data provides a detailed snapshot of Pinewood‘s population. The community is marked by a diverse mix of ethnicities and cultures, reflecting the multicultural nature of the Miami-Dade area. Key statistics include population demographics, household income levels, educational attainment, and employment sectors, offering insights into the socio-economic status of the residents.

Pinewood, Florida, is a community that epitomizes the evolving nature of suburban life in South Florida. From its historical roots to its present status as a diverse and vibrant neighborhood, Pinewood offers a unique perspective on life in the Miami-Dade region. Whether you are a resident, a visitor, or simply interested in learning more about this engaging community, Pinewood provides a rich narrative of history, culture, and community development.

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